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Szun Waves exist in that rarified space between virtuosic, jazz-trained musicianship and forward-thinking electronic explorations. From Jack Wyllie (Portico Quartet) adding shimmering, sustained sax notes to Luke Abbott’s gorgeous ambient pieces on an initial collaboration in 2013, Szun Waves emerged when Laurence Pike (Triosk/PVT/Liars) was added to the mix, energising the sound but still keeping its levitational qualities. Their 2016 self-released debut album At Sacred Walls hit a natural groove, while the trio’s second full length recording, New Hymn To Freedom (2018), is a document of six entirely live improvisations – “no edits or overdubs” – and its title couldn’t be more apt.

Szun Waves returned to usher in a ‘New Universe’ with their sumptuous third album Earth Patterns in 2022. Album sessions took place at the tail end of their 2019 European tour, locking themselves away in the studio for three days of improvisation. They emerged with hours of music, some inspired by their live shows, most born fresh in the studio itself, ready to be moulded into Earth Patterns. With additional production from electronic savant James Holden and producer/engineer David Pye, they emerged with the most fully-formed Szun Waves record to date.



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