BAY 40CDX - Tripper + Springer (Special Edition)  (BAY 40CDX)
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Tripper + Springer (Special Edition) by Efterklang
Formats: Double CD (BAY 40CDX) Digital (BAY 40EX)
Release Date: 23 August 2010

Double CD reissue of the first Efterklang EP, Springer (2003) with the album that followed it, Tripper (2004). Also includes two bonus live tracks. Packaged in a deluxe fold out CD package with 16-page booklet and sleevenotes written by the band:

“We recorded our debut EP, Springer, in the winter of 2003. Our ambition was to be able to present some material to get us gigs at local venues in Copenhagen, but we came to like the recordings so much we decided to self-release them as an EP. We made 500 covers by hand, using white fake fur and a sewing machine, and sold them to friends and through a couple of Danish record stores.

“We set up our label at the same time, almost by accident. We felt we needed to put a label name on the disc and for reasons we can’t recall, we pretended that it was released by a label called Rumraket.

“We started to write songs for a full-length album and recording began in December 2003. By May 2004, Tripper was almost finished and we planned to release it on Rumraket, this time intending to produce a thousand handmade copies. Well into the production of this edition we were approached by Tony Morley at The Leaf Label (who had previously rejected the copy of Springer we had sent him!). Before we knew it we were part of a real record label, and Tripper was released internationally in October 2004 (to be followed by a reissue of Springer in April 2005)."

Casper, Mads, Rasmus & Thomas – Efterklang

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1. Foetus
2. Swarming
3. Step Aside
4. Prey and Predator
5. Collecting Shields
6. Doppelganger
7. Tortuous Tracks
8. Monopolist
9. Chapter 6
1. Kloy Gyn
2. Antitech
3. Redrop
4. Bright
5. Filmosonic XL
6. Step Aside (Live)
7. Chapter 6 (Live)