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Office playlist September 2014
Published 2 October 2014 by DM

The 'Office Playlist' is dead, long live 'The Leaf Label's Office Radio'.

We're adding solid gold to our new Spotify rolling playlist on a daily basis. You can see what we've added in the last month or so below, and get following here.

Broadway Project & Matthew Bourne - //Bourne/Berridge/Bourne//
Caribou – Our Love (Daphni Mix)
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Tower Of Song
Aphex Twin – Syro
Clap! Clap! – Tayi Bebba
Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon
Ben Pearce – What I Might Do
Pavement – Here
Alex Banks – Illuminate
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Girl
Sinkane – New Name
Pet Shop Boys – Fluorescent
Johnny Dynell – The Big Throwdown
Captain Sensible – Wot
Rob Clouth – Bubble Chamber
You – Electric Day

Office Radio October 2014
Published 23 October 2014 by DM

Don't panic! The Leaf Label's Office Radio is here to help. It is intelligent, challenging, attentive, generous, a skillful lover, romantic, dominant, classy, it has a great sense of humour and a playful glint in its eye.

This is what we've added lately. Get following here for long walks in the country, friendship and maybe more...

Matias Aguayo – Run Away From The Sun
Brâulio ZP – Xtraga
Peaking Lights – Telephone Call
Fumaça Preta – Fumaça Preta
Kiki Gyan – 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82
Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
Steve Gunn – Tommy's Congo
Tony Allen – Film Of Life
Frank Sinatra – (There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin
Simian Mobile Disco – Whorl
Jinjé – Amya
Rival Consoles – Sonne
Paul McCartney – Secret Friend