Free live download EP from Efterklang's mutant band
Published 18 December 2008 by BWL

In May 2008 Efterklang and fellow Danes Slaraffenland embarked on a North American jaunt under the banner The Danish Dynamite Tour. Halfway through the tour the bands got a call from back home: the newly established Sono Festival wanted to hear if Slaraffenland and Efterklang might be interested in making a special performance at the event. It was quickly decided that everyone would love to play in a band with two drummers and a lot of distorted guitars, so the offer was accepted.

The four songs on this free live download EP were recorded at the festival in Roedovre (a suburb of Copenhagen) on November 8 2008. This was the first and may also be the last concert by Slaraffenklang. The idea is simple and fun. Slaraffenklang is the mutant hybrid of Efterklang and Slaraffenland. There were 12 musicians on stage, and the songs performed were versions of songs by Efterklang and Slaraffenland. Sometimes just louder and heavier, and sometimes in new arrangements.

Danish Dynamite Live at Sono Festival 2008

1. Cutting Ice To Snow
2. Polaroids
3. Echo Wave
4. You Win

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Petter Samuelsson

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