Polar Bear - In Each And Every One album pre-order
Published 3 February 2014 by DM

Polar Bear’s stunning fifth album In Each And Every One is now available to pre-order on their Bandcamp. It is a truly breathtaking piece of work, and a marked departure from their previous output. Keep an ear out for the lead single in the coming weeks. Also on Bandcamp are the very first Polar Bear t-shirts, available in exclusive album and Black and White EP bundles.

Their tour in March and April now comes with added Norwich and Nottingham goodness. Details are on our live page.


Melt Yourself Down in the USA
Published 6 February 2014 by DM

Melt Yourself Down are coming to America! To coincide with the belated North American release of their album, the band embark on their first trip across the Atlantic to play the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and two shows in New York. The concert at the brand new Rough Trade NYC will be open to the first 300 people to buy the limited edition North American album, released March 4. Details of their SXSW showcase and parties will follow.

There have been a number of recent live announcements including Live at Leeds and Beacons Festival. Their Live at Leeds party opens the entire festival on Friday 2 May at the Brudenell Social Club. The evening will be curated by the band and feature live acts and MYDJs. Expect dancing.

Fri 28 Feb 2014 Salon İKSV, İstanbul, TURKEY
Sun 9 Mar 2014 Where The Wild Things Are Festival, Zeewolde, NETHERLANDS
Sat 15 Mar 2014 (5.30pm) SXSW, Latitude 30, Austin, TX, USA
Sat 15 March 2014 (12am) SXSW, Icenhauer's, Austin, TX, USA
Mon 17 Mar 2014 Pianos, New York, NY, USA
Tue 18 Mar 2014 Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Fri 2 May 2014 Live At Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
Fri 1 Aug 2014 Cloudspotting Festival, Slaidburn, UK
Fri 8 Aug 2014 Beacons Festival, Skipton, UK

Polar Bear 'Be Free' single and video
Published 26 February 2014 by DM

We’re very pleased to present the video for the new Polar Bear single, ‘Be Free’. It’s the first track to be taken from their new album In Each And Every One (to be released on March 24), an exciting departure for Polar Bear into uncharted open terrain.    

You can order the single from our shop now.  Exclusive to this digital only release is an alternative take of the single (‘Be Free Be Free’) and a skeletal remix by enigmatic young London-based producer Gerry Read.

View on Vimeo.

Polar Bear have just been added to the bills of the Love Supreme and Brecon Jazz festivals. Details of their UK tour in March and April can be found on our live page.

Pre-order the album In Each And Every One here.

“It not only brims with startling invention, but is likely to put them on the map as go-to soundtrackers of urban-life melancholy, alongside the likes of not-so anonymous beat trafficker Burial and Brian Eno-collaborator Jon Hopkins”
the Quietus

“Refreshingly unconventional”


Julia Kent European Dates
Published 27 February 2014 by DM

Julia Kent will be putting some good mileage on her cello throughout March. Her shows include two Irish dates and two London dates before heading east and south. The concert at The Village Underground on March 19 is as support for Icelandic composer extraordinaire Valgeir Sigurðsson whom you may recall worked on the Wildbirds & Peacedrums album Rivers. (The Village Underground show has now been cancelled.)

Fri 28 Feb 2014 Petit Bain, Paris, FRANCE
Sat 1 Mar 2014 Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, IRELAND
Sun 2 Mar 2014 Odessa, Dublin, IRELAND
Tue 18 Mar 2014 Ace Hotel, London, UK
Wed 19 Mar 2014 Village Underground, London, UK *CANCELLED*
Fri 21 Mar 2014 Beatpol, Dresden, GERMANY
Sun 23 Mar 2014 Six D.O.G.S, Athens, GREECE


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