New Jherek Bischoff website, T-shirts and tour dates
Published 1 August 2012 by RM

Jherek Bischoff has just launched his brand new website. The site also features a shop section where you can listen to and purchase Jherek's catalogue, including his new album Composed, and fabulous new ladies' and men's T-shirts based on the album artwork. These shirts are also available in discounted bundles with vinyl, CD or download.

Jherek is once again on tour with Amanda Palmer. The Grand Theft Orchestra are touring North America extensively and hitting Europe in late autumn. Jherek, accompanied by a local string quartet which he will be assembling in every city (if you're interested in performing you can contact Jherek here), will be supporting Amanda throughout the tour. For a full list of dates, check our live page.

Second instalment from Matthew Bourne's private archive
Published 2 August 2012 by RM

Instalment two from Matthew Bourne's private archive comes in the form of a 32-minute piece featuring piano, sampler and voice.

The piece, '1912011047 for Amy Walker', was recorded (in a single take) in 2001 for BBC Jazz on 3 and broadcast in early 2002. For more info on it, check Matthew's blog which has an in depth post about the track and images from the session.

You can purchase the track from Matthew's shop.

BBC Radio 1 'Label Of Love' feature online now
Published 2 August 2012 by BWL

Last night Leaf founder Tony Morley was interviewed by Huw Stephens for the 'Label Of Love' feature on his Radio 1 show. The full feature is online now. We also created a Spotify playlist of the tunes selected.

volcano! announce competition for children
Published 3 August 2012 by RM

volcano! have launched a competition calling for children to review their new album, Piñata, in exchange for prizes.

You can find the highly entertaining specifics of the competition on their Facebook page now.

As the band succinctly put it:

Children are our future, and our future should be one where children love volcano! Help us achieve this by forcing a child you know to write about us.

Apologies to our customers!
Published 30 August 2012 by BWL

Those of you who have purchased CDs or vinyl through our shop in the past few years may receive a confusing email over the next week, thanking you for your pre-order and informing you that your bonus download is ready. Don't panic!

We're currently upgrading our shop system so that all future CD and vinyl orders will come with a free download of the release. We didn't appreciate, until yesterday when we began the process, that all our old customers would also receive an email with a download link to their previous purchases.

The downloads do work (it’s not a scam and you won't be charged again!), so please consider it a bonus gift from us! If you don’t want to take advantage of the free download, please just ignore the email.

We should have the entire catalogue upgraded by the end of next week, and all orders will come with a free download from then on.

We've also added lots of out of print releases and cheap store returns to our new Discogs shop. Supplies are limited, so get them while you can!

Leaf shop

The Takeaway August single unveiled
Published 31 August 2012 by BWL

It's the last Friday of the month, so it's Takeaway time! August's edition of Days And Nights At The Takeaway sees Sebastian Rochford reunite with vocalist Chris Taylor. Rochford and Taylor played together in the colourful Menlo Park at the turn of the millennium, along with John Greswell who provides the remix this time around.

'Seven Sisters' is perhaps the catchiest single so far in the series and a stream of the tracks was premiered on The 405 earlier this week. The tracks are all publicly available to stream and buy on the project's Bandcamp.

We've just added the bundle of the first six months of the Takeaway series to our shop at a discounted price, so head over here if you need a catch up!


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