Polar Bear - Mercury Music Prize 2014
Published 10 September 2014 by Tony Morley

Congratulations are due to Polar Bear, whose album In Each And Every One has been shortlisted for this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

We’re very proud to be working on such an incredible record, and the Mercury nod is testament to the vision of a band who were also shortlisted in 2005 for Held On The Tips Of Fingers. Seb Rochford joins a very select group of artists to have been nominated three times, having also featured on the Basquiat Strings album in 2007.

As we start to look forward to our 20th year in 2015, it's very satisfying to be picking up our first Mercury selection. Champagne all round.


20th anniversary vinyl reissues
Published 11 September 2014 by Tony Morley

It’s The Leaf Label’s 20th anniversary in 2015 (doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since Leaf Is 10...), and we’re gearing up for some special releases and events throughout next year.

We’re planning to make a number of long out-of-print releases available on vinyl again (or in some cases, for the very first time), and we’d love to know what you’d like to see back in the racks. We’ve drawn up a hypothetical shortlist, and by the magic of internets we’ve created a poll for you to register your interest.

Tick as many boxes as you like, and click through to see the latest results of the poll. We can't commit to any of these releases right now, but your feedback will definitely influence our decisions.

Thanks for your time!

Watch: Polar Bear live video
Published 12 September 2014 by BWL

Well it’s been an exciting week for Polar Bear, hasn’t it? Following the incredibly exciting news of the band’s second Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist for In Each And Every One, we now have a hallucinatory live video for ‘Chotpot’. The footage was filmed at the band’s sold out album launch show at London’s XOYO back in April, meticulously edited and warped by Jacek Zmarz, who also made the colourful ‘Be Free’ video.

And Vimeo.

The band are playing live this autumn, see all of their confirmed shows on our live page.


Jherek Bischoff - Kickstarter campaign
Published 23 September 2014 by DM

Jherek Bischoff has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the mixing and mastering of his new album Cistern, the follow up to 2012’s Composed. It features a 200 million gallon underground water tank with a 45 second natural reverb. Impressive! Get the low down over on Jherek’s Kickstarter page now and pledge to help him achieve his goal.

If all goes to plan Cistern will be released on Leaf next year.

Jherek is currently on an extensive tour of Australia with Missy Higgins. Details on our live page.

Polar Bear announce special one-off London show in October
Published 24 September 2014 by BWL

Following last week's exciting news that Polar Bear’s In Each And Every One has been selected as one of the Mercury Prize Albums of the Year, Seb Rochford’s troop have just announced a special one-off London show next month. The gig takes place at The Lexington on Thursday October 9, and you can get tickets here.

To see all of the band’s forthcoming shows, visit our live page.



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