Oh No Ono Release New Single/Video
Published 6 November 2009 by BWL

Danish psychedelic pop group Oh No Ono release their first single for The Leaf Label this week, in the form of an audio and video download bundle, exclusive to iTunes (you can also get the song only from the Leaf shop). 'Swim' is taken from the band's forthcoming album Eggs, which will be released in February 2010.

You can watch the deliciously dark video for 'Swim' on our Youtube and Vimeo pages (links below). The clip was made by Danish director Adam Hashemi, who has perfectly harnessed the eerie, unsettling feel of the song to an unforgettable video. The video topped's most viewed videos for several weeks this summer.

"The video is loosely based on my very first childhood experience, when I was three," explains Hashemi. "I witnessed a nurse die of a heart attack. However, I used that idea in a different context. It's about your first sexual experience as a child, and the shame that comes with it. Also, I set out to explore the subject of sex related to death, and how they, for unknown reasons, seem to go hand in hand."

Or youtube.

Oh No Ono are a five-piece from the Danish town of Aalborg. Their music is intricate and otherworldly, and their individuality and originality has made them pop stars in their homeland. Eggs is set to receive a worldwide release in 2010 (on Morningside Records in Denmark, Friendly Fire Recordings in North America and The Leaf Label in the rest of the world) and they will be touring extensively next year.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums Swedish TV Footage
Published 9 November 2009 by BWL

Wildbirds & Peacedrums recorded an hour long session/interview on Swedish TV channel SVT Play and it was broadcast last weekend.

You can see the full video here:

Or a seven minute sampler here:

Vladislav Delay Podcast Available
Published 11 November 2009 by BWL

Promoters of Vladislav Delay's show in London on 12 November, Arctic Circle, have put up a podcast which is also due to go out on Resonance FM tonight.

Featuring music by not only Delay, but also co-headliners Food and support artist Eyebrow, the show also has an interview with BBC Music's Colin Buttimer, who reviewed recent Delay album Tummaa (click here for review).

You can find out more and download the podcast from here: