The Comet Is Coming - Channel The Spirits
Published 10 February, 2016 by DM

“Great fire will fall from the sky, the cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous. Very soon after, the earth will tremble.”

As was prophesised by Nostradamus, The Comet Is Coming...

April 1st 2016CE is the date when all will be revealed. Skeptics will become believers. For our saviours Danalogue The Conqueror, Betamax Killer and King Shabaka come bearing their debut album Channel The Spirits. A prophetic document. A celebration. The beginning of the end.

The Comet was first observed in 2013, its power growing with increasingly regular sightings culminating in a stellar display at Trans Musicales at the end of 2015CE. The debut EP Prophecy arrived in blaze of light and sound. The word spread.

If you’re one of those people still burying your head in the sand, now is the time to repent and join the Enlightenment before salvation is impossible. It is time to learn the Prophecy EP by heart. It is time to witness the videos for ‘Neon Baby’ and ‘Do The Milky Way’. It is time to read the word. It is time to hear them speak.

Prepare for almost certain annihilation by pre-ordering the album on LP/CD/download. Hell, why not pre-order the t-shirt bundle? Salvation is just a click away, at guaranteed low low prices.

The Comet Is Coming. Look busy.

Wed 30 Mar 2016 La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, FRANCE
Fri 1 Apr 2016 De Werf, Bruges, BELGIUM
Sat 2 Apr 2016 The Canteen, Bristol, UK
Wed 13 Apr 2016 London Fields Brewery, London, UK
Sat 23 Apr 2016 Run Ar Puñs, Châteaulin, FRANCE
Thu 28 Apr 2016 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Strung Out In Heaven
Published 08 February, 2016 by DM

In honour of the late great David Bowie, our very own Jherek Bishoff has collaborated with Amanda Palmer in producing a heartfelt EP of covers arranged for string quartet. Premiered on Pitchfork last week, they have also enlisted the help of Anna Calvi, John Cameron Mitchell and Neil Gaiman on vocals. Read what Jherek has to say about the project on his website.

Listen to Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute below. Proceeds from the first month of sales (until March 5th) will go to the cancer research wing of Tufts Medical Center.

We will have news on new Jherek material soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Light at the end of the tunnel
Published 21 January, 2016 by DM

Light at the end of the tunnel

As we step tentatively into our 21st year it seems like the right time to bring our Leaf 20 celebrations to a close! Our production headaches are clearing, and with a fair wind we will be shipping the box sets and remaining reissues at the beginning of February. With this in mind, we will be calling time on our Pledge campaign on February 5. Go here if you'd like to order one of our really quite stressful but ultimately beautiful box sets. Last call.

Check out Art Director Oli Bentley's excellent blog post about the production of said box sets here, with loads of photos of the work that's gone into it.

Melt Yourself Down - Dot To Dot (DJ Khalab remix)
Published 15 January, 2016 by DM

Melt Yourself Down - Dot To Dot (DJ Khalab remix)

Melt Yourself Down's new single 'Dot To Dot' is released today. Go forth and consume it. Tell your friends you're consuming it. The explosive b-side is a remix by Italian producer and office favourite DJ Khalab. It was premiered on The Ransom Note yesterday.

Watch the video for 'Dot To Dot' here.

‘Dot To Dot’ is available on 12” vinyl/download from Bandcamp or the Leaf shop.

MYD have just announced a headline show at Shapes in London on 27th April. Get your tickets here.


The Comet Is Coming: Channel The Spirits (BAY 104)
The Comet Is Coming
Channel The Spirits
Matthew Bourne: moogmemory (BAY 93CD)
Matthew Bourne
Melt Yourself Down: Dot To Dot (DOCK 62)
Melt Yourself Down
Dot To Dot

Various Artists: Leaf 20 (BAY 100XX)
Various Artists
Leaf 20

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