The Comet Is Coming
Published 02 October, 2015 by DM

“In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks...”

Just as Nostradamus prophesised in his quatrains, The Comet Is Coming: “The great star for seven days will burn, the cloud will cause two suns to appear and the big mastiff all night will howl.”

End times are upon us people, but Danalogue The Conqueror, Betamax Killer and King Shabaka are here to spread light and joy and fire, for they are Leaf’s new saviours The Comet Is Coming. Marvel! As great jolts of electricity burst forth from their fingers. Gasp! As their lungs expel musical mantras as seismic as an earthquake, as heady as a timeless ritual. Swoon! At the sheer interplanetary vastness of their cosmic explosion of polyrhythmic sound and head-bending colour. And get down with it on their debut EP Prophecy.

‘Neon Baby’ is your first taste of the impending apocalypse. Watch the video here. Download it for free here. Keep it close to you at all times.


Here is the universe in a microcosm; the life-force distilled down to its raw essence: sex and dancing. Sub-bass, slamming analogue, unhinged sax breaks. The rhythm of life.

Pre-order Prophecy from Bandcamp or the Leaf shop.

“There will be fiery explosions in the skies,” said Nostrodamus. “Great slaughter, then triumph and festive celebrations.”

The Comet Is Coming. See it with your own eyes:
Sat 24 Oct - The Troxy, London (with Squarepusher)
Wed 25 Nov - The Shacklewell Arms, London
Thu 3 Dec - Trans Musicales Festival, Rennes

The celebration has begun. For it has been written.

Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited
Published 01 October, 2015 by BP

Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited

Following the blood, static and thunder of the Radioland tour back in March, Matthew Bourne and Franck Vigroux have now committed their vital reinterpretation of Kraftwerk’s seminal Radio-Activity album to tape. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original, they have taken the futuristic, industrial world of ominous darkness and dazzling light imagined by Kraftwerk in 1975, and reconstructed it in this bold new manifestation for 2015.

The beautifully packaged deluxe gatefold vinyl and 20 page hardback book CD edition feature striking imagery from visual artist Antoine Schmitt’s projections which were an integral part of the live show, and liner notes by David Stubbs, author of Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany.

Watch live footage from one of the Radioland performances here and a mini-documentary about the project here.

Released December 4th, Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited is the perfect Christmas present for the discerning Kraftwerk fan in your life. Pre-order here or here without delay and keep your eyes peeled for more Radioland shows next year.

Polar Bear - MOBO Awards 2015
Published 30 September, 2015 by DM

Polar Bear - MOBO Awards 2015

Would you look at that! Polar Bear have bagged themselves a MOBO Award nomination for Best Jazz Act. They’re becoming old hands at this award ceremony business with Mercury Prize nods in 2005 and 2014 and two whole Jazz FM Award nominations this year.

The MOBO ceremony takes place in Leeds on November 4th, which is convenient. It will also be broadcast live on ITV for those of you not fortunate enough to be living in God’s Own Country.

Champagne…. again.

You can vote for them HERE.

Sun 15 Nov 2015 co-headline w/ James Holden, Electric Brixton, London, UK
Fri 4 Dec 2015 Turner Sims, Southampton, UK


Efterklang - Tripper vinyl reissue and Bandcamp
Published 01 September, 2015 by DM

Efterklang’s classic 2004 debut album Tripper gets the vinyl reissue treatment by popular demand, thanks to a successful Beat Delete campaign. Critically lauded, it is still the fastest selling debut album in Leaf history, and signposted the way forward for a truly original, ambitious and outrageously talented group of Danes.

Tripper is reissued on double vinyl with the original artwork, packaged with a CD for the first time. Get them while they’re hot from the brand new Efterklang Bandcamp, which also includes some scarce Efterklang releases, or from the Leaf shop.



The Comet Is Coming: Prophecy (DOCK 61)
The Comet Is Coming
Julia Kent: Asperities (BAY 92CD)
Julia Kent

Susumu Yokota: My Energy EP (SY)
Susumu Yokota
My Energy EP
Polar Bear: Same As You (BAY 98CD)
Polar Bear
Same As You

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